About Us


This is Cecilia. After working for many years for Sidehill Farm Yogurt, she is now an Ada Comstock scholar at Smith College, studying to become a chemist orĀ  mathematician or a nurse practitioner, something wicked cool like that.


This is Emmet. Aside from the tree farm, he makesĀ  things under our sister brand Anchor Goods (see related page), teaches workshops on gardening and scything, and edits scientific manuscripts for fun and profit.


These are the hooligans, Eliza May and Susannah Beth (who was being held in both of the other photos). They keep us morally upright, uproariously entertained, and sleeping well at night. Little do they realize that their days are numbered before they will be put to work…


In spring of 2015 we bought a house! We had been living in the blue farmhouse on the farm, but that has now been sold to another lovely couple, Lisa and Ben. Please don’t go knocking on their door looking for us. We now live in a lovely white farmhouse ten minutes away in Conway. Although we no longer live on the farm, we have just renewed our leases and have taken on the remaining five acres of trees that Al had been managing. So don’t worry– we’re not going anywhere. We do sell wreaths and a small selection of pre-cut trees at our new house on Whately Rd. in Conway.