We are saddened to report that Al Pieropan passed away this October of 2018. His legacy lives on in the trees and in the relationships so many of you have with the farm. Please join us in extending our sympathies and thoughts to his family.

If you are coming to cut a tree, please cut it from the large You-Cut grove down on the dirt stretch of Pfersick Rd. We are fulfilling all our wholesale orders from the other, smaller groves, and need to keep track of how many trees come from which grove. It’s all very complicated, so thank you for helping us keep it as simple as we can.

We no longer live at the farm, but ten minutes away in the center of Conway. This means that if you come cut a tree when no one is at the You-Cut grove, please pay at the box by the cabin down there. Checks are fine.

In general, Emmet will be at the grove most days, unless he is delivering trees or wreaths. He will always be there on the weekends.