Other Stuff

In addition to the trees, we sell a variety of other by-products of the grove. These include:


All our wreaths are made by hand, by Emmet. They are a mix of whatever greens he feels like using, typically pure balsam fir or a mix of species, and they are finished with some combination of ribbon, pinecones and winterberries.

Our wreaths come in small, medium and large, and this year are $15, $20 and $25. If you are wondering why a wreath should cost as much as a tree, it’s because Emmet has been struggling with tendonitis for the last few years from making too many of them and he’s trying to discourage some of you from buying.

That being said, they are stoutly made, absolutely fresh, and many customers have told us that their wreaths kept their needles until April, when they very sadly took them down. If you would like to order an especially large wreath for your house or barn, please get in touch, the earlier the better. We are usually booked up for wreath work by Thanksgiving.



Our roping is 100% pure balsam fir, so it smells divine, especially if you bring it into your house, where the warmth heats the resins in the stems. Emmet wraps it using a hand-cranked machine, and at only $1 a foot it is a steal. Supply is limited, so if you would like a specific amount, pre-order it! We try to go into the weekends with 100 feet or so, and usually sell out by midday Sunday.


If you want to make your own wreaths, whether for home or for sale, or want to have greenery to decorate with, we can provide balsam boughs at $25 for a 50 pound bale. If you just want a few to make one wreath, ask Emmet when you are at the grove, and we can negotiate a price based on how much you want.


We grow about 1,000 heads of garlic in our garden, which we sell at our booth at the Ashfield Fall Festival. We grow five different varieties: German White, Russian Red, Music, Spanish Roja and Rosewood. These are all large, productive hardneck varieties that have had years of selection to perform well in our region. Fall Festival is the perfect time of year to buy garlic for planting. All varieties are $1/head, and we usually sell out by the end of the weekend. Come Saturday morning for the best selection.