the You-Cut Hut

Here’s a happy development.

It used to be that I would stand around outside on the weekends, making wreaths and helping people tie their trees to their cars, pretty much  from 9-5. When there were lots of people to help, this was great. But as you can imagine, there were long stretches of time when not many people were there, and then I just stood at a makeshift bench and made wreaths.

While picturesque, this could be quite unpleasant (click to zoom in on the look on my face):


Despite that killer sheepskin collar, I would get very, very cold.

Of course, the hooligans loved it:


But I would finish most days not feeling my feet.

After five years of this, I finally wised up and built a little cabin on a trailer, which I towed down to the grove and set up shop. It has a workbench so I can carve spoons and make wreaths, it has an armchair so your grandmother doesn’t have to sit in the car while you cut a tree, and it has a woodstove!

I’m so excited.


I will be in there, making something when you arrive. Just come find me, and I’ll be happy to toss on a coat and help you load up or answer any questions.

I’ll even let you cosy on up to the stove.

IMG_20160225_125504 IMG_20160225_125646